Banking on PSD2

Helping banks and fintechs create better ecosystems through APIs & partnerships

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Bank-grade Security

Banq is built with world-class security and encryption standards. All user actions are audited and access is monitored.

Privacy First

You and your customers privacy is very important to us. Our platform complies with the latest privacy regulations like GDPR.

Global partner network

Our team has experience handling mission critical projects ranging from big tech companies to enterprises. Your succes is our success.

The Banq Network

Indexing and monitoring the global banking landscape to foster a more integrated financial ecosystem.

For Banks

Fully integrated app store

We provide you with the right infrastructure to launch or expand your own app store.

Attract the best developers.

Building a developer community is hard. Being part of the Banq network makes it easier to attract TPPs.

Boost customer experience

Make it easier for customers to discover new complementary services through your app store.

Identify new partnerships

Attract the best TPPs to build on top of your platform and to create new revenue streams.

For Fintechs

Boost distribution

Distribute your apps and integrations across multiple app stores to connect with more customers.

Easy API integration

Instant banking API integrations through standardised APIs to shorten time-to-market.

Stay compliant & protect customer data

Access the information of the customers through a claims system that ensures the privacy of the customer.

Connect with banks & partners

Create long lasting banking partnerships through the Banq network and boost revenue.

Identity API
Payments API
Transactions API
Consent API

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We're currently accepting requests from Fintech providers and Banks to get early access to the platform.